my favourite instagram accounts

Instagram should be a platform where we feel invigorated and motivated. It should not encourage negative thoughts, whether those be about our bodies, our lifestyle choices or what we own.

Social media does not need to be a space that we feel is damaging to our mental health. At the moment, in the news and across the media, it is being discussed as something that is ruining our lives. Yet, we are in control of it. We do not need to be obsessively scrolling through the explore page, comparing how we look with every other person we see. We should not let influencers and celebrities manipulate us into believing that their lives are perfect and that they don’t have any worries of their own. They are flawed too, just like us all.

Instead, we can follow, like and share the photos, words or videos that add a little bit of joy and excitement to our lives. We can view the app as a mood board that benefits our disposition rather than harms it. We should learn to love it, not loathe it.

These are the accounts I turn to when I want to be inspired.

The accounts I click on when I need some study motivation or just want to view some pretty pictures of books:

What I turn to for travel or city pictures of glorious buildings and charming cafes:

When I’m in need for some style inspiration or ideas for an outfit, I check out:

Accounts that have always filled my screen with crazy happiness include:

I hope you enjoyed that wild adventure of what I think are the best corners of Instagram ! Do you follow any of those accounts? If you have any others that you would recommend that I follow, please comment!


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